• Accurate Measuring of Radio Source
        Taiyo's Direction Finders for Marine use are equiptted Government Vessels, Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Boats for verious homing purpose, and obtains unrivaled reputation.
  • td-c358z
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    Direction display LCD automatic display for omni-direction.
    Receiver system DDS Double superheterodyne.
    Frequency range 200kHz-29,999.9kHz (0.1kHz digital indication)
    Wave form A1A, A2A, H2A, A3E, H3E, J3E (USB/LSB)
    Spot reception 400 frequencies can be memorized.
    Search reception Configurable frequency in 10kHz unit for the range of 10kHz-1000kHz. Searching by 2kHz step.
    4 programmable operation functions and 6 searching speed is available for an user.
    Scanning reception Possible to scan more than 10 frequencies (up to 1000 frequencies).
    4 programmable operation functions and 6 scanning speed is available for an user.
    Signal/Noise Ratio MF band:Not less than 10dB at input of 50μV/m.
    MHF band:Not less than 10dB at input of 30μV/m.
    Accuracy MF band:within ±1°at an electric field of 1mV/m.
    MHF band:within ±2°at an electric field of 300μV/m.
    Power supply AC100/110/115V or AC200/220/230V of 50/60Hz 50VA
    Standard Components
    Component Model Q'ty
    Main unit TD-C358Z 1
    Loop antenna EL-85-05 1
    Antenna cable 3 cores 3D-2V (MAX 100m) 1
    Power supply cable 3 cores cap-tire (3m) 1
    Installation materials   1 set
    Spare parts   1 set
    Accessories   1 set
    Component Model Q'ty
    Gyro-compass Synchro. 90X, 360X, Step 180X 1
  • TD-L1630
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    Receiving circuit Synthesized Triple-superheterodyne
    Bearing indicators Digital, LCD 1° step
    Circle LED, 10° step
    Frequency range 110 ~ 169.995 MHz, 5 kHz step
    Receiving wave form AM or FM
    Spot reception 30 frequencies in memory channels
    One-touch reception 121.5 MHz and 16 CH (individual push button)
    Bearing accuracy TD-L1630 Main unit: Better than ± 3° (with Adcock antenna EA-351A: Estimated accuracy is better than ± 5°)
    Sensitivity Minimum field strength 0.5μV/m in DF mode;
    20dB QS 2μV in RCV mode
    Selectivity ± 6 kHz or more at -6 dB
    ± 12 kHz or less at -60 dB
    Image rejection ratio 60 dB or more
    Scanning reception Scanning max. 10 frequencies/group x 3 groups (memory channel group)
    Search reception Fc (center frequency) ± 500 kHz, 5 kHz step (Selectable any frequency within 110 ~ 169.995 MHz)
    Data output NMEA0183 (bearing data)
    Audio output 1.8 W (impedance 4Ω)
    Input voltage 11 ~ 35 VDC
    Antenna H type Adcock antenna EA-351A
    Antenna cable Armored twin coaxial cable Standard: RG-58A/U (16m) Option: 5D-2V (17 ~ 29m), 8D-2V (30 ~ 50m)
    Standard: RG-58A/U (16m) Option: 5D-2V (17 ~ 29m), 8D-2V (30 ~ 50m)
  • TD-L2200
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    Display Frequency, LCD 0.5kHz step
    Frequency Display LCD, 5 digits, 0.5kHz step
    Bearing Display LED, 3 digits, 1 degree step (000 - 359)
    LED, Analogue, 32 pcs. Circle at 11.25 degree step
    Receiving system Double super heterodyne
    Frequency Range Beacon : 190kHz - 450kHz
    (Cable length: 8m) Broadcast : 460kHz - 1600kHz
    Marine : 1600kHz - 4500kHz
    Measurable Minimum
    Field strength
    Beacon : Better than 14μV/m at 410kHz
    Broadcast : Better than 8μV/m at 1000kHz
    Marine, DSB/SSB mode : Better than 7μV/m at 2000kHz, 5μV/m at 3000kHz
    Marine, CW mode : Better than 5μV/m at 2000kHz, 3.5μV/m at 3000kHz
    Receiving Modes A1A, A2A, A3E and J3E
    Spot Reception 100 channels
    Intermediate Frequency 1st : 21.4MHz, 2nd : 455kHz
    Selectivity More than ±2kHz at 6dB, Less than ±5kHz at 60dB
    Image Rejection Ratio Greater than 60dB on beacon range
    Audio Output 3W - 5W (4Ω)
    BK voltage 24 VDC (12 VDC on option)
    Power supply 12/24 VDC -10% +25%
    32 VDC ±10%, Less than 1.0A (Negative ground)
    Antenna 650mmφ loop antenna EL651 or 800mm φ loop antenna EL-803
    Cable 5 cored 2D-2V (EL-651), 5 cored 3D-2V (EL-803) 8m (standard)
    Weight DF main unit : 4.5 kg
    Antenna : EL-651: 2.5 kg
    Antenna : EL-651: 6.5 kg